Ownership and Title

One thing to consider with all mortgages, including the reverse mortgage loan, is how ownership of the property is structured.  In most instances, the property title is held either fee simple ...

Planning for Your Retirement

Planning your retirement can be a lot like preparing for your wedding day. Many thoughts are going through your mind. Do we have enough money to afford this? Is now really the right time? Am I read...

Reverse Mortgage Did You Know Facts

Top 30 Did you Know Facts about Reverse Mortgage Loans.

Some of these facts may surprise you. &nb...

Reverse Mortgage Loan Closing Costs

We often get asked what the closing costs for a reverse mortgage are.  We will be going over five different things to consider when looking into the closing costs with a reverse mortgage.

Should I Wait To Get A Reverse Mortgage Loan?

Many people think that they should wait until they’re older before getting a reverse mortgage loan because, generally, you can get a little more money as you get older. But let’s look a...

Three Buckets

The Sacred Cow of Home Equity

Many people feel that paying off their home and having no mortgage with lots of equity is the Holy Grail ...



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