Financial Planner Testimonial: Why a Great Partner and Housing Wealth Are Key for Many Homeowners

Melissa is a financial planner in metro Atlanta. She takes a holistic approach to financial planning, exploring all possible solutions for her clients. She leverages Fairway’s knowledge of Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) loans to ensure that her clients understand the details and nuances of utilizing their housing wealth.

She believes that moving beyond the traditional view of housing wealth is key for many people in her community, and she sees Fairway as her partner to spread the message and help people realize a great opportunity for their financial success.

Video Transcription

Melissa George

Hi, my name is Melissa George. I'm a financial planner here in metropolitan Atlanta. And when I am partnering with a client regarding Home Equity Conversion Mortgages, I always send them to Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation.

I find it really important to have a lending partner like Fairway Mortgage, for one reason I am not a Realtor. I generally try to stay in my wheelhouse. There are specialists that know a lot more, they can stay up on all of the nuances and tax laws and things of that nature.

But it's become such an important part of what I do because I do practice holistic financial planning and so I wanna make sure that the person that I send my clients to is very knowledgeable.

We are the type of planners that are always looking at what are the alternative methods for planning, because it's not one size fits all. Planners that are really trying to do a very thorough job of planning are gonna be the ones who are receptive to learning more about it.

I even find myself getting on more of the webinars that Fairway Mortgage does so that I can just stay knowledgeable.

Housing wealth is such an important key because for many in our community, the home is the predominant asset that we have. We can't always just keep thinking of traditional ways of just, we purchase the home, we get the home, we pay the home, and what I've seen with a lot of people in my community is they have mortgaged that house many times over.

And so I wanna support Fairway in any way I can in getting more of that message out, that there are other ways, other things that you can do besides just sitting on a home and walking on the equity that you can't spend.

Information is power, and so I use that as a great opportunity, a great segue to introduce them to the Fairway Mortgage.

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