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Top Reasons Your Clients Should Get A Reverse Mortgage

  • Helps seniors who are financially sound, have paid off their mortgage, and would like additional money to enhance their retirement or quality of life.
  • Refinance a traditional mortgage into a 'payment optional' reverse mortgage credit line.* *Still responsible for taxes, insurance, and maintenance.
  • Standby portfolio protection by drawing from or replenishing a reverse mortgage credit line in up and down markets.**
  • Purchase a retirement home, investment property, upsize or downsize with a reverse mortgage for purchase to increase monthly cash flow and free up funds for investment.
  • Protect home equity from nursing home expenses for the next generation.
  • Grow and increase cash availability with a reverse mortgage credit line.**
  • Bridge the Medicare gap from age 62 to 65.
  • Use as a wealth multiplier when insurance products are used to pass a larger nest egg to the next generation.**
  • Tax management tool to receive deductions when needed or to withdraw less from IRAs and other taxable sources.**

**This advertisement does not constitute tax and/or financial advice from Fairway.

Why Work With Fairway Reverse Mortgage Planners?

  • Professional Team Approach
  • All Fairway Reverse Mortgage Planners Are Required To Have Specialized Training
  • Potential Referral Partnership
  • The Opportunity To Work With More Senior Clients
  • Trusted Advisors Know Options & Tools
  • Industry Experts With Resources to Help You Succeed

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Explore a product category that’s built for the financial challenges of retirement.

Retirees have trillions of dollars trapped in their home equity. Reverse mortgage loans are a strategic tool to liquify those assets.

*This advertisement does not constitute tax and/or financial advice from Fairway.


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The article looks at three strategies for utilizing home equity and supplementing retirement income, along with statistical models and charts.

HECM Reverse Mortgages: Now or Last Resort?

Research from Boston College's National Retirement Risk Index 2010 showed that many future retirees will have to utilize home equity during their retirement.

Recovering a
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As the number of baby boomers reach retirement over the next 15 years the likelihood is that reverse mortgages will become more popular.

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This research explores different methods for incorporating home equity into a retirement income plan through the use of a reverse mortgage.

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