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Here at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, customer service is our way of life. We offer a variety of loan products to help make homeownership more affordable with the speed and service you deserve.

If you are interested in the reverse mortgage loan, our Fairway Reverse Mortgage Planners are happy to help! Here are some great testimonials from previous clients who financed with a reverse mortgage loan through Fairway. The testimonials have been gathered from all Fairway Loan officers and may not correspond directly to this Loan Officer.

Our Fairway loan officer was/is an awesome person to work with.  Very knowledgeable and on top of the whole process.  Thank you!

– Eleen S.

I had the good fortune of working with a Fairway Loan Officer.  He was beyond professional and I was at ease during the whole process.  I will recommend this to any and all of my friends. 

– George L.

Our Fairway loan officer was exceptional!  He answered all of our questions in a timely, professional manner.  He never made us feel like we were asking too much, always friendly & knowledgable.  We felt like we were in good hands.

– Janet & Jim F.

I'm extremely pleased with the way in which our Fairway loan officer worked with me in effecting my reverse mortgage.  All my needs were promptly and professionally met despite the difficulty caused by the Corona Virus.  

– James F.

Our Fairway loan officer is competent and very professional and friendly. She made the process of obtaining a reverse mortgage very easy. She kept us informed throughout the entire process and was available either through email, text, or phone.

– Ralph & Julia M.

Our Fairway Loan Officer did a fantastic job!  He offered us first-rate service and made us feel like all his attention was focused on our needs. His communication skills, a tenacious attitude, and customer service are of the highest quality.

– Robert V.

Our Fairway, Reverse Mortgage Planner, was great to work with. Very professional and personable.

– Richard & Kathryn J.

Our Reverse Mortgage Planner did a great job!

– LaVerta C.

Fairway was always professional, expedient, and truthful about the process of obtaining a reverse mortgage loan.  No part of the process was concealed or confusing. It was a pleasure to work with Fairway and its representative.

– Sandra H.

I was referred to my Fairway Loan officer through another source.   That's a compliment in itself.   I trusted her guidance through this process and had an exceptional experience.  Thank you Fairway for your support!

– Joseph M.

Our Fairway Reverse Mortgage Planner did a great job!  He is very knowledgable, friendly, and professional. Thank you!

– Michael M

Our Fairway Loan officer was very professional but funny at the same time.  They were able to close the loan in less than 30 days!  Keep up the good work!

– Ruben & Maritza R

After searching the web for information, I was recommended to a Fairway loan officer.  They explained the mortgage and the process and worked tirelessly to make it all work for me.

– Robert M

Our loan officer was very friendly and positive about me getting a reverse mortgage loan. I felt they took the time to be my friend and truly had my best interest at heart.  I would highly recommend them to anyone else.

– Floyd J

The Reverse Mortgage process was much easier than I thought. After the first introductory meeting, I was given a shortlist of what was needed.  I provided the information and the whole process was completed in less time than I was originally told.

– Christine H.

Except for the private road easement issue, the process was exceptional. Our loan officer and assistant spent so much time completing the easement document process including a special road trip to file the documents. They went above and beyond to help

– Larry C

We were completely happy satisfied with the service we received from our loan officer and assistant, they were wonderful and very helpful with all our needs.  Thank you so very much, we love both very much!

– James & Mary L.

We were happy with process.  There were questions that were answered and everything was explained thoroughly.

– Daniel & Marcine S.

I had almost given up doing a reverse mortgage to misinformed information.  Then I met with a Fairway loan officer, who right from the first phone call, made me feel very comfortable with proceeding with the process. 

– Ellen G.

Fairway's loan officer did an absolutely superb job and kept me informed every step of the way.   She is extremely good at what she does, a true professional in every sense of the word. 

– Clifford H.

Our Fairway loan officer made the experience enjoyable!  Not only was she very professional, she took the time needed to "win me over" on the advantages of a reverse mortgage, answered all my questions and helped me close quickly and easily.

– Cheryl C.

I can't begin to express how good our loan officer was throughout the entire process.

– Danial & Christine A

This is an invaluable loan for seniors. The staff was terrific helping us navigate through the process and explaining the benefits this provides.

– Gwen R

I was very happy with the process. There were questions that were answered and everything was explained thoroughly.

– Marcine S

My wife and I really appreciated the huge financial help from Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation. Our lives have been better than before. Thank you again.

– Donald Y

Our purchase transaction went extremely well and very timely, in fact, we closed earlier than expected. Our Fairway Loan Officer is such a hands on servicer and his staff was extremely helpful all along the way. We were guided through the reverse mortgage

– Bill & Dolores T.

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