Popular Uses for Reverse Mortgage Loans

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Discover how older-adult homeowners enhance their financial security and enrich their retirement years by leveraging their home equity through Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM, reverse mortgage) loans.

Explore the myriad ways they're harnessing this dynamic financial solution!

Eliminate Your Monthly Mortgage Payment

Refinance an existing mortgage, liberating your retirement budget from fixed monthly mortgage payments. Essential property charges like taxes and insurance must continue to be paid.

Fund Home Improvement Projects

Use HECM loan proceeds to finance home upgrades that enhance safety and comfort, ensuring the long-term enjoyment of your home.

Cover Healthcare Expenses

Tap into your home equity to support various healthcare needs, including long-term care insurance premiums, in-home care and medical expenses.

Enhance Cash Flow and Create Emergency Funds

Elevate your retirement experience and establish a readily accessible safety net for unexpected circumstances with HECM loan proceeds.

Safeguard Against Market Volatility**

Structure a HECM as a flexible line of credit, providing access to cash as needed, making it advantageous for long-term financial strategizing.

Facilitate a New Home Purchase

Unlock the distinct benefits of a HECM for Purchase, a hybrid solution that combines the advantages of paying all cash and taking out a traditional mortgage.

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