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A Better Way To Buy A Home in Retirement
For most of those that are over 62, housing costs are usually the single biggest expense throughout retirement. It is an expense that we need to plan carefully for or it can derail our financial secu...
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Is A Reverse Mortgage Loan Right For Me?
You may have heard about a lending option called a reverse mortgage loan for homeowners. If you are not familiar with it, a reverse mortgage is a loan for people at least 62 years old that converts ...
Myths & Facts About Reverse Mortgages

Myth: Reverse mortgage loans don’t offer anything different from other loans, but cost way more than other loans anyway.

Fact: There  have  been  changes  in ...

Myths & Facts About Reverse Mortgages

Myth: I could lose my home and be forced to move.

Fact: As long as all loan terms are met, you cannot be forced to sell the home and/or move. Terms include living in the home as your primar...

Myths & Facts About Reverse Mortgages

Myth: I will be giving up the deed to my own home, and I will not own it anymore.

Fact: The deed always stays in your name, and you have all the rights that you do now. You can sell it...



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