Partner Testimonial: Home Builder on the Benefits of Fairway Reverse Mortgage Loans

At Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, we value partnerships with builders. Jones Homes USA builds master plan communities in Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina, and works with Fairway to make the homebuying process better for many 62+ year old homebuyers. 

Tracey Policastro and Jay Husagig of Jones Homes work with Fairway to expand their clients’ buying power with reverse mortgage loans. They appreciate how Fairway helps their retirement age clients potentially purchase their dream home, even on a fixed income.

Video Transcription

Tracey Policastro

My name is Tracey Policastro. I work for Jones Homes USA and I am in Central Florida, Orlando.

Jay Husagig

Jones Homes USA is a home builder. We build master plan communities here in Central Florida and South Carolina and North Carolina. The benefits of working with Fairway is allowing our clients to get to get that home of their dreams.

Tracey Policastro

Working with Fairway Mortgage, the process has always been extremely comfortable and downstream.

Jay Husagig

It’s great because with the active adult community, a lot of folks, they don’t have enough money to finance or purchase a home because they’re on a fixed income. And this program opens up a lot of different doors for them.

Tracey Policastro

I think it gives them a lot more flexibility and buying power. So I can say to my Mr. and Mrs. Buyer, if you have 350k to put towards a home, you can get this reverse mortgage and have a lot more buying power and get a bigger home and possibly even more upgrades.

Jay Husagig

This program is allowing them to get rid of that principal and interest and where they’re just paying insurance, tax, HOA and they’re still getting all the benefits of tax breaks just like any other mortgage out there.

Tracey Policastro

I like having extra tools in my toolbox as a new home sales consultant for Jones Homes USA, so it’s just a great program. Working with Fairway Mortgage has been a great experience and it’s benefited my clients with the process and the customer service that Fairway Mortgage offers.

Is a Reverse Mortgage Right for You?

At Fairway, we understand that each of our customers has unique needs, and sometimes a reverse mortgage is the best fit — and sometimes it is not. If you’re interested in learning more about reverse mortgages and whether one might be a good fit for your situation (or a loved one’s situation), Fairway can help.

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