10 Customer Stories: Real Reverse Mortgage Loan Experiences

Discover firsthand accounts of real Fairway customers who have utilized reverse mortgage loans to navigate various financial scenarios in retirement. From refinancing traditional mortgages to enhancing quality of life, each story sheds light on the versatility and benefits of Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) loans, commonly called reverse mortgages.

Explore these stories to gain insights into how reverse mortgages can address challenges and unlock opportunities in retirement planning.

Refinance a Traditional Mortgage

For seniors burdened by mortgage payments in retirement, a reverse mortgage offers relief by refinancing their mortgage, eliminating monthly mortgage payments from their budget. (Borrowers must pay essential property charges, like taxes and insurance.)

Discover how Gary secured his financial future while remaining in his beloved home.

Combat Inflation and Pay Down Debt

When inflation persists during retirement, you may need to seek alternative strategies to mitigate its impact.

Learn how Jeff strategically used a reverse mortgage to combat inflation, manage debt and maintain financial stability during retirement.

Pay for Home Renovations and Repairs

For retirees, financing major home upgrades through traditional channels can pose challenges.

Explore Cathy's story to understand how a reverse mortgage provided the funds needed to purchase her dream home and establish a line of credit for essential home improvements.

Fund Long-Term Care / Cover Medical Expenses

Accumulating long-term care expenses and medical costs can present substantial risks to your financial stability, assets and intended legacy. Leveraging home equity can be a versatile way to finance associated costs.

Discover how Rebecca found financial security and peace of mind by leveraging a reverse mortgage to cover unexpected medical expenses.

A Solution in Divorce Situations*

In the case of older adults undergoing divorce, the division of assets becomes particularly complex, given the likelihood of decades of intertwined finances.

Explore Colin's journey and how he utilized a reverse mortgage to secure a new home and financial stability following a divorce in later life.

Buffer Against Down Markets*

A reverse mortgage can be tailored as a flexible line of credit, providing convenient access to cash as needed, which proves invaluable for long-term financial planning.

Learn from Mitch, a seasoned financial advisor, about the strategic use of reverse mortgage proceeds to navigate market downturns and preserve financial assets.


Also, hear from Tod, a retired financial advisor, describes how he strategically integrated a reverse mortgage into his retirement plan.

Build an Emergency Fund

You may be grappling with whether your retirement savings will be sufficient to sustain you through your golden years. One strategy is establishing a reverse mortgage line of credit, a reliable and readily accessible emergency fund for unforeseen contingencies.

Find out how Nancy established a reverse mortgage line of credit to create a reliable emergency fund, helping to ensure financial stability and peace of mind during retirement.

Enhance Quality of Life

A reverse mortgage offers a pathway to financial flexibility that can enrich the quality of your retirement years. Whether exploring new destinations, acquiring a reliable vehicle or indulging the grandkids, the proceeds from a reverse mortgage can empower you to realize your dreams.

Join Susan and Jim on their journey as they share how a reverse mortgage allowed them to enjoy a more fulfilling retirement with newfound financial flexibility.

Purchase a New Home

One often overlooked aspect of buying a new home later in life is that alternative financing options exist beyond the usual avenues of paying in cash or obtaining a conventional mortgage. There’s another option: leveraging a reverse mortgage to buy a new home.

Discover Bobby and Gloria's experience using a HECM for Purchase loan to increase purchasing power and acquire their dream home.

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We trust that these stories have provided valuable insights into the myriad ways reverse mortgages can contribute to achieving your retirement goals and aspirations. If you're interested in delving deeper into how a reverse mortgage can benefit you or someone you care about, we're here to offer our assistance and guidance.

*This article does not constitute tax or financial advice. Please consult a tax and/or financial advisor regarding your specific situation.

**The required down payment on your new home is determined on a number of factors, including your age (or eligible non-borrowing spouse’s age, if applicable); current interest rates; and the lesser of the home’s appraised value or purchase price.

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